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Author Topic: Honeybee pollination article
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Honeybee pollination article    (Posted Sat, Aug 12 '06 at 09:50 UTC)

For those of you have not seen this article from OnEarth Magazine:

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Re: Honeybee pollination article    (Posted Sat, Aug 12 '06 at 09:47 UTC)

Thanks for posting about this. Our neighbors (I'm a fan but not a farmer) have hives on their property, and we like that! I am a hobby herb gardener, and have never had a use for pesticides, so I hope we provide at least a small patch of relief for bees as well as other creatures.

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Re: Honeybee pollination article    (Posted Tue, Jan 23 '07 at 11:05 UTC)

makes me wonder how much of this pesticide people are ingesting.
I have many types of bees that visit my plants, great big bumble bees and even cooler are the fat fuzzy honey bees, when I work on the harvest they are very gentle and don't seem to get irritated with me cutting down thier flowers, I always leave a good patch that they feed on until fall, and that very last month, you can see a hodge podge of wasps (yellow and blue and black), bees, some sorts of funny beetles and what ever else eats nectur and pollen all bunched up together until the first frost.
I've never been bothered by the honey bee, in these parts, so it makes me think that perhaps these are "original ones", they are fatter than the ones I've seen in the city and don't mind working beside me.

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