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Author Topic: Does anyone know?
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Does anyone know?    (Posted Sat, Nov 24 '07 at 04:43 UTC)

Hi all,
I am looking for organic products that are rich in beta-carotene and also I want to know organic food recipes, non-toxic living tips and more organic tips and tricks. Please suggest me if you have any. Any advice will be highly appreciated.
Re: Does anyone know?    (Posted Sun, Nov 25 '07 at 10:04 UTC)

I recently came across a site called . It completely caters for organic lifestyle. You can get a lot of tips about organic food, organic living, organic food recipes and organic gardening and so on. Hope this will help you. Please do let me know whether it is useful or not?
Good luck!!!

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Re: Does anyone know?    (Posted Sat, Dec 29 '07 at 09:50 UTC)

Winter squash is high in beta carotene. They are easy to grow, store indefinitely in a dry, cool place, taste good, come in their own packaging, and there are countless varieties to suit your taste. Butternut is our favorite.
Sweet potato is another good source of BC. Not as easy or quick to grow as winter squash.

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