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Author Topic: Spring Breeding
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Spring Breeding    (Posted Sat, Mar 28 '09 at 08:04 UTC)

... always a question rabbit breeders ask each other...

How is your breeding going?

We're just getting ready to do ours, for some it's a bit late, but we like to have it warmer before babies are born. We have fewer losses to cold.

We're planing to breed Giant Angora, French Angora, Satin Angora, and American Fuzzy Lops. I need to find a Flemish Giant Buck, and have plans to breed my Flemish does when I do.

We do try to do our breeding on a Wednesday evening, then the babies are typically born on the weekend when we are home. It is only 32 days & we have nests of wiggeling, squeeking, popcorn! LOL Thats the most fun part!

Anyone else breeding rabbits, want to share ?

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Re: Spring Breeding    (Posted Mon, Jan 25 '10 at 02:11 UTC)

I'm planning to breed my first litter in years on Feb. 4th. I got out of rabbits for a while but am back in the game with NZ whites and a California X NZ cross.

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