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Author Topic: Holy Basil
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Holy Basil    (Posted Thu, Jul 31 '08 at 08:54 UTC)

I live in Toledo OH and I recently bought the holy basil plant online.
When I got the plant,the leaves were green.I have it in a 8inch pot and keep it out in the sun.But I have noticed that the leaves are turning purple gradually..It was a decent sized plant when it came and all the leaves were green.The plant is growing,its flowering..the leaves are green when they start but they turn purple very fast..Am I doing anything wrong?
Please help me with this.

Re: Holy Basil    (Posted Fri, Aug 1 '08 at 04:04 UTC)

Tulasi should be grown in a sunny spot-basils love full sun. Also the stems will be purple so the color change is not alarming. I think if you get it into more sun the leaves should green up again.

Lucy Goodman Boulder Belt Eco-Farm Eaton, OH
Re: Holy Basil    (Posted Fri, Aug 1 '08 at 07:17 UTC)

Hey,thanks for the reply...

I have the plant out in the sun.I have put it in our balcony where it gets full sunlight.sometimes too much sunlight!
Am I watering it too much?will that result in color change?Bcause when the new leaves come,they are green..but within a day,they turn purple....
Thanks again.

 Deering, NH
Re: Holy Basil    (Posted Mon, Feb 11 '13 at 06:24 UTC)

It could be the variety. Krishna Tulsi has purple leaves, they generally start out green. Rama is green. If out in full sun the Rama can sometimes turn a reddish color.

Kindred Hill Farm Deering, NH Herbs~Flowers~Heirloom Veggies
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