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Author Topic: Looking to get my hands in the soil!
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Looking to get my hands in the soil!    (Posted Mon, Jan 14 '13 at 09:38 UTC)

Hello all!

Wherever this message finds you, be blessed! I am a recent graduate from the University of Georgia in recreational management (aka summer youth camps). I love the camping experience, but what I also love is farming! I really want to connect the two and eventually create an amazing experience for children and adults to learn and become more connected to creation through farming. As of now I only have minimal experience working for a small family organic farm in Georgia...that little snippet of my life was blissfully altering! What I am looking for is the opportunity to volunteer my time long term at an organic farm that needs help in order to broaden my experience with all aspects of organic farming. I love hard labor and I am willing to spend however much time is needed tending to the land and even working other operations such as farmers markets. As a bonus I can also offer my proficiency in Spanish and Portuguese. I come as a pair with my partner, who is also willing to help if needed! We are fun, love music, love the earth and creation, and avid anti-GMO advocates. Thank you so much for your time spent reading, hope to hear of some amazing opportunities.


Maddeline j. Mcgraw
Re: Looking to get my hands in the soil!    (Posted Tue, Feb 12 '13 at 03:54 UTC)

Hi Maddeline,

I have the opportunity you and your partner seek. I own a samll organic farm near Charleston, SC and I'm seeking a couple of apprentices for the 2013 season. Please contact me via


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