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Author Topic: Seeking Spring & Summer Work, Washington State / Bellingham
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  Mary Merry
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Seeking Spring & Summer Work, Washington State / Bellingham    (Posted Mon, Jan 28 '13 at 01:38 UTC)

Greetings! I am a healthy & happy 27yr old female, looking for some paid work with land & animals & some construction/odd-jobs. I am available from April on. I work-traded last summer which included milking the goats, garden work, some trench digging & hay bucking, natural building (slip-straw, earthbag retaining wall). I'd like to be doing that kind of work again this spring & summer, but I suppose I'm now interested in some monetary compensation. I've been spending the winter being a full-time artist which has been LOVELY, but I'm excited to be outside & doing some good physical work again! I've got a positive attitude, I am excited about each day. I love & am present with what I am doing, whatever it is. I've been living in Concrete, WA for the winter & I suppose I'm interested in staying around Northwest Washington State.

 sunshine acres
Re: Seeking Spring & Summer Work, Washington State / Bellingham    (Posted Fri, Feb 8 '13 at 07:16 UTC)

Hi Mary Merry,

I don't have what you are looking for but maybe something better. Bottom line I'm looking for a business partner. I have 23 acres in Northeastern WA. Started a homestead 6 years ago, All the gardens and orchard and some livestock is in. Everything is organically done. Herbs are my passion. I've decided to focus on them and my bees. I do natural skin care products. I want to do essential oil and so much more. What ever the imagination chooses. I have stain glass supplies and a Lockerbie pottery wheel. I like things done with an artistic flare. There's a cute home and 2 older but nice RV's. Anyways, if you have interest in hearing more than e-mail me at or call Pam at 509 935-4336.

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