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Author Topic: Feeding CO Hungry Looking for Chicken Donation
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Feeding CO Hungry Looking for Chicken Donation    (Posted Mon, Feb 11 '13 at 08:39 UTC)

Happy Belly Farm is a not for profit farm that has grown and donated more than 5 tons of food to CO homeless and pantries in its first two years. We have just put together a program with Denver's Botanical Gardens to also add a community garden to help those who are hungry grow their own food. Any additional food will also be donated.

Also, we are adding a children's educational center where we will teach kids that good food comes from the ground... not in plastic at the store. As part of this, we would very much like to add chickens. The eggs would also be donated to the local community, as well as helping kids see poultry in its natural state.

We have already spoken to the local 4H group about their students working with us to take care of the chickens.

Whether you are up for sponsoring this new venture, or just donating a few chickens... we'd love your help.

The website for Happy Belly Farm is

If you have questions, you can call the founder of Happy Belly Farm, Bill Peters at 303.916.3088 or Debra Rodriguez at 303.587.2315. Thanks so much for anything you can do to help us move forward.

Debra Rodriguez
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