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Foss Road Beef, home of grass-fed, all natural, purebred Herefords, is located in Tillamook County, noted for its abundant rainfall, mild temperatures and lush pastures.

Our farm is nestled in a beautiful valley along the Nehalem river at the site of the historic town of Foss. The owners/operators of Foss Road Beef are Bob and Charlotte Forster. Originally dairy farmers, we have over thirty years experience feeding and caring for cows and calves on this farm. We now apply this experience to raising beef. High quality, nutritious pasture and silage produce healthy cattle. Our animals are born on this farm. Their feed is grown here. They never receive antibiotics or hormones. They have access to pasture all year. We feed our nutritious grass silage at an "all they can eat" level during fall and winter. This keeps them in top condition all year. Optimal natural growth rates bring them to full size sooner, resulting in tasty, tender meat. Purebred Herefords are noted for their superior beef characteristics.

We are taking orders. Our harvest is from August through October. Quarter, Half or Whole. $3.35 per pound hanging weight plus butcher costs. We encourage cow-pooling. Visitors welcome. Please call first.


Listing last updated on Mar 12, 2014

All Grass-fed with no grain, concentrates or by-products. All natural. Humanely raised in a low-stress environment. Send for our brochure or visit our website for more information on cow-pooling, ordering and pricing procedures. On your next trip to the coast, we'd love to show you our farm and animals. Please call or e-mail to set a date and time. We look forward to working with you.

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We ordered a cow share from Foss Road Beef last fall, and we were absolutely thrilled with the quality and taste of beef we brought home - truly the best grass fed and finished beef we have ever had! Charlotte and Bob graciously showed us around their farm, and introduced us to their cows - it was easy to see that they truly care about the health and happiness of their animals.... [more]

Have been very pleased with the quality taste and cut of the beef we bought. We will buy another half this season. No reason to go anywhere else. Service and response to any questions were answered quickly and even had a great visit to the farm. Thanks for all your hard work.

Let's admit it, ordering something sight unseen, from someone you've never met can be unsettling at best. After much research, and going with "gut instinct"; this summer we took the plunge and ordered 1/2 a beef from Foss Road Beef.... [more]

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SPRING!!! My favorite season. A little late this year but hopeful.

A time of lush grass and baby calves. They are so cute.

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