Small, brand new farm, experienced owner in biodynamics and traditional ceremony for raising health and help in the community. Animal skills(farrier, shearer), recycling and alternative lifestyles for the common person. Local sales/services only, no credit cards, wholesale, or mass marketing. We raise our own seed, animals, starts and soil fertility on a small sustainable scale. heritage breeding of bison and some sheep for triple purpose(lamb,milk,wool) developing value added products for local sales(wool and bison crafts) looking for a couple of interns a year( camping,board and stipend)

Listing last updated on Mar 9, 2008

Needlefelting wool and needles, locally carded wool batts - 6oz to 40lb rolls available by mail order! Email for info. Wool, bison, lamb, veges, fruit, herbs,flowers, or shearing, farrier services available, in person only! Traditional ceremony and biodynamics with bison shown by internship or apprenticing

Schedule and Location:

NEW! Montague growers market, sat 9-12, exclusive siskiyou bison meat outlet! may-oct

Schedule and Location:

9211 Fifth Ave E Montague, Calif. approx 12 miles off I-5 , 9 miles out airport rd, up Willow Creek Rd at 5th Ave intersection. Available when we are home.

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