Francis Farm started dabbling in the egg production business in 2009. Since then we have increased our flock to several hundred chickens. Last year we expanded and began raising ducks for eggs and ducklings and this year we increased chick production of Ameraucana, and many other heritage breeds of chickens.

Our fowl are cage free and happy. Our "Girls" have extra large to jumbo size eggs for our established hens and this years pullets are proving to be up to the challenge to join the rest of the flock in large sized eggs already.

If you are looking for the best tasting brown eggs from happy chickens. We have the eggs you need. Our duck eggs are also outstanding. They are mainly from Muscovy ducks.

We are currently offering:

  • chicken eggs
  • duck eggs
  • chicks
  • chickens
  • ducklings
  • ducks for sale.
  • We are investigating meat birds for later this year or next year. So good things are coming!

    Thanks for reading and if interested give us a call!


    Listing last updated on May 29, 2013

    Medium egg special 18 eggs for $2.50

  • ISA Brown Laying hens in production approximately 1 yr. $5.00
  • Americauna Chicks $4.00
  • Bantam Chicks $4.00
  • Mixed Chicks $4.00
  • Young Chickens call to inquire
  • Cage Free Fresh Brown Eggs per dozen $3.00
  • Ducks $12.00
  • Cage Free Duck Eggs $4.00 per dozen

  • Schedule and Location:

    by appointment

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    When I am in the area, I make a special trip out to the country just to get a few dozen eggs from the Francis farm. Well fed and taken care of poultry and the best eggs around.

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