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Our main honey product we produce is known as "RAW" honey. It is honey direct from the hive. It will contain small bits of bee wax, pollen and 100% pure honey. It has been run through a course sieve, and has not been heated. Our honeybees live in beehives that we built out of clean, salvaged, and leftover wood to help keep costs down, and to keep the wood out of the landfill.

Raw honey will eventually granulate into a sugar-like material. This is natural. To bring it back to liquid honey, place jar in a pan of hot water on you stove, set on low. DO NOT BOIL! (Microwave not recommended) Honey does not need to be refrigerated, Just keep the lid on to prevent it from drying out and becoming very stiff. Do not give to infants or children under 1 year of age.

Listing last updated on Dec 9, 2011

1lb local raw honey $5.00

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