Frantzen's Scenic Acres

Frantzen's Scenic Acres is owned and operated by Dale and Cheryl Frantzen with the help of their 3 adult children - Denyse, Sarah and Adam. The farm was purchased in the mid-1940s by Dale's parents, with Dale & Cheryl keeping the farm in the family.

Unknowingly, Dale was using grass-fed farming practices well before others were doing so. In the early 1980s, after a visit to Cheryl's grandparents in Vermont where they raised their own beef on their 280 acre dairy farm, Dale decided he could raise his own beef too because the roast that Cheryl's grandmother had cooked was so flavorful and tender. And, so it began. The beef were raised on grass to cut down on expenses. Unfortunately, we discontinued raising our own beef in the 1990s because of time constraints with the children's extracurricular activities.

In 2008, Frantzen's Scenic Acres began anew with a vegetable crop, chickens for eggs and meat, the purchase of 10 Scottish Highland cattle, and 20 heritage breed turkeys (mixed varieties). Cheryl is especially interested in raising the heritage breed turkey called the Regal Red - helping to bring it back from near extinction. An inventory was retained of Regal Reds for 2009 breeding. In 2009, the Frantzens also purchased bourbon red adult turkeys for breeding and proceeeded to incubate and hatch out well over 100 turkey poults combined. The regal red turkeys will be retained for 2010 breeding stock.

For 2009, Frantzen's Scenic Acres is offering Bourbon Red Heritage Breed turkeys. Orders are currently being taken and will be taken as long as supplies last.


Listing last updated on Feb 27, 2012

Heritage breed turkeys grow slower and have a much better turkey flavor. In a 2008 turkey taste testing 7 heritage breeds all bested the commercial butterball turkey! A 2008 customer did a side-by-side taste testing with Frantzen's heritage breed turkey and a commercial turkey. The heritage breed won, hand's down, in every aspect!

Schedule and Location:

Delmar Saturday Market
Bethlehem Middle School
Delmar, NY

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