Free Range Eggs

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Free Range Eggs

MZM Farm is a free range farm of chickens, ducks, turkeys,goats, steer, bull and heifer Our eggs are fertile come in all sizes

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MZM Farm is a sustainable agricultural farm organically hatching, growing and raising in a free range environment chickens, ducks, turkeys as well as owners of a Jersey Bull, Jersey Steer and Jersey Heifer along with goats and orchard of fruits and berries Ground has also just been broken in two places for our new garden and grain growing areas

Located of HWY 12 East in Glenoma, WA 98336

Who also bring you and all travelers a Farmers Market from May through September each year

MZM Farm is endorsed by all county, state and federal agencies related to bringing you foods to your table all inspected as natural as possible and fully inspected

MZM farm is proud to be listed under national groups such as USDA, APHIS, NPIP groups of inspectors and the USDA Minority Farm Register and members of the Farm Bureau and Egg Handlers we keep updated on all issues to assure we are doing our best

We are quarterly tested by our state’s Avian Health Influenza Program and Food Safety, our state’s Food Workers Permit and presently working with Lewis County Conservation District developing our land management plan

We are a spray free zone honored by our county from border to border of our land

If you would like to know more we have pamphlets and cds on our practices Thanks to USDA and Farm Bureau teacher guides for students of all ages

Whether supplying to county businesses and individuals or purchasing from others our first goal is to do business locally whenever possib