Free Range WNY Chicken Eggs

We are a very small family farm that believes in quality of life for every animal and person. We also wanted to become more self sufficient at the same time. We raised our happy flock of chickens from 1 day old and they have brought us so much joy and a lot of eggs. Our chickens have free run over our yard and get plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. You are welcome to stop at our farm year round to pick up a dozen or more eggs. Our chicken coop is bright red and our flock waits at the end of the driveway to greet you. We offer pasture raised large brown and white eggs, pasture raised meat birds, turkey's and raw honey. Depending on the time of year you will find homemade jams and jellies and homemade soap.

5357 Subbera Road Lockport NY 14094 716-438-2157

Listing last updated on Jan 9, 2015

Large brown fresh free range chicken eggs. We are open for egg pick up year round. Honey Turkeys Meat Chickens Maple Syrup Natural Soap Pasture Raised Beef Sticks Jams and Jellies Day old chicks in season

Schedule and Location:

Lockport Community Market

Market Street, Lockport,NY

Saturdays from 10-3pm

We offer large brown free range eggs, raw honey, maple syrup, soap, beef sticks and preserves.

Meat birds and turkeys

Raw Honey
Pure and fresh raw honey made locally. Enjoy the fact that you are helping to support our local economy.


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This honey is fantastic! I have been getting it all Season, Now I must restock before I run out again. Love the stuff highly recommend.

I am delighted to see that you make pure Grape Jelly. I searched all last summer for jelly safe for feeding the busy Baltimore Orioles at my feeders. The product I was buying recently reduced the sugar content substantially; others contain HFCS, which I imagine is harmful to birds.... [more]


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