Free Ranged Ducklings (4-5lbs)

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Free Ranged Ducklings (4-5lbs)

Ducklings that are free ranged without added antibiotics or hormones.

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Young flavorful ducklings of mallard derived breeds, (Pekin, Welsh Harlequin, or Buff Orpington).

These ducks lived in the outdoors and played in the water eating grain, bugs and whatever they could find. They never tated medicated feed or additives.

Birds are waxed and vacuum packed. Weights are between 4 and 5 pounds dressed.

Meat is darker than chicken, but contrary to popular belief is not fatty. The skin contains a lot of fat, but not the meat. Roast these birds up on a rack to keep the meat moist, but not greasy.

Our Plymouth Barred Rocks, Amaracuanas and other are happy hens that provide delectable fresh eggs and fertile hatching eggs.

Honey's Farm Fresh has all free range, naturally raised poultry. They are antibiotic free and enjoy plenty of sunshine.