Freedom Seeds

Freedom Seeds is founded to protect the purity and security of our seeds sources and, thus, our food supply.

We offer only undadulterated, uncontaminated, and regenerative seeds not owned by corporations whose purposes deviate from the natural way. We seek to take back control of our future in a struggle to free the seeds.

Freedom Seeds is on the front lines of the battle to preserve open pollinated seeds. With an initial launch of 75 vegetable seeds from arugula and beans to kale, peas, turnips and much more, gardeners can be confident that the seeds they buy from Freedom Seeds have been carefully screened for genetic manipulation.

The worth of these seeds has been proven by compatibility with their environment, instead of being made tougher and more durable by genetic engineering. They possess the nutritive properties of old and locally developed strains, based on eatability instead of portability.

Listing last updated on Mar 26, 2009

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