Fresh Duck Eggs

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Fresh Duck Eggs

Free range, all natural duck eggs are richer than chicken eggs, they are perfect for baking!

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People used to ask us "You eat duck eggs?" But after eating them, we're rarely questioned again.

If you've never tried duck eggs, you don't know what you're missing. Not only are they more nutritionally dense than chicken eggs, they offer a richer yolk, and white, making them perfect for baked goods, and the egg lover. They are quite large, and often we find that our recipes will require less eggs than called for, because of this.

Emerging research is even suggesting that duck eggs are suitable for people who cannot eat chicken eggs!

Whatever your reason for choosing them, our duck eggs are from mixed breed ducks. Normally they have bright white, large shells, but occasionally they hand out an 'Easter Egg', which is tinted green, but just the same as its white counterpart.

Our ducks are free range for at least six hours a day, they roam the yard, and parts of pasture, they swim in their own small pools. They lead a happy life feasting on seasonal bugs, they also enjoy fruit, and vegetable scraps.

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