Fresh Lavender Bundle

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Fresh Lavender Bundle

Fresh-cut, long-stemmed lavender, grown in Washington's Olympic Mountains' rain shadow. Orders ship not later than July 15.

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 Two bundles fresh lavender$35.95

Season: Jul-Aug 

 One bundle fresh lavender$22.95

Season: Jul-Aug 

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Today's orders ship not later than July 15.

We believe lavender grown here in North Kitsap County, Washington, is simply the lushest, most fragrant there is. Labyrinth Hill's lavender benefits from extra-long Pacific Northwest summer days, producing extra-long stems topped by glorious purple buds. We lovingly package each bundle in protective floral wrap and priority-ship the same day. You'll feel like you're receiving a special gift -- because it is.

Each full-size "farmers market" bundle is packed with 125+ stems, 15" to 20" long, of Lavandula x intermedia 'Grosso' -- considered the "Swiss Army Knife" of the lavenders. It's perfect for bouquets or weaving lavender wands. (You must have fresh lavender to weave these wands.)

Create a magical Labyrinth Hill lavender wand with the quality ribbon we include with every order. We also send complete instructions for your new "bundles of joy" which you can dry in-the-vase to last for months and years.

Labyrinth Hill grows its lavender in a classic labyrinth. Some say "It's the labyrinth," we think it's Labyrinth Hill's perfect location, gentle spring rain, and the personal care we give each plant that produces exceptionally fragrant, extra lush flowers with intense color and long stems.

You'll find the quality of Labyrinth Hill Lavender and our customer service unsurpassed. We have a growing list of repeat customers who purchase our fresh lavender bouquets year-after-year, for the past 9 seasons.

The fresh lavender harvest begins soon! We ship a limited quantity of fresh lavender bundles across the U.S.