Fresh Natural Grow Cat's Claw Powder 100 Caps

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Fresh Natural Grow Cat's Claw Powder 100 Caps

Since the 1970s, studies and research have been carried out by scientists to find out more about the powerful healing properties.

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This herb's anti-inflammatory properties may help to relieve arthritis, gout, and other inflammatory problems.

Cat's Claw may help create support for the intestinal and immune systems of the body, and may also creates intestinal support with its ability to cleanse the entire intestinal tract.

This cleansing helps create support for people experiencing different stomach and bowel disorders, including: colitis, Crohn's disease, irritable bowel syndrome, and leaky bowel syndrome.

Reduce pain and inflammation of rheumatism, arthritis and other types of inflammatory problems.

Have anti-tumor and anti-cancer properties that inhibits cancerous cell formation.

Promote the healing of wounds.

Be useful for treatment of gastric ulcers and intestinal complaints Help to relieve chronic pain.

Enhance immunity by stimulating the immune system. Help people experiencing stomach and bowel disorders, including colitis, Crohn's disease, irritable bowel syndrome, leaky bowel syndrome, gastritis and duodenal ulcers, intestinal inflammation.

Help fight both viral and fungal infections such as Herpes and Candida.

All Herbs used are cultivated on our Farm as well as the fiber is provided by the peaceful Alpacas, Llamas & Angora Goats that share our lives with us here at the Farm

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