Fresh Natural Grown Angelica Root Tea 1/4lbs

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Fresh Natural Grown Angelica Root Tea 1/4lbs

The Angelica plant has a long folk-history of use as a medicinal herb, in particular for the treatment of digestive disorders.

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Angelica Tea may help improve digestion.

Angelica Tea may also help relax intestinal muscles, and can help relieve mild cramps, bloating, and flatulence.

Angelica Tea may help treat the pain of hacking cough, menstrual crams and urinary tract infections.

Angelica Tea may help in treating tumors, boils and furuncles.

Angelica Tea may help alleviate swollen gums.

Angelica Tea may help treat anorexia nervosa, cystitis and bronchitis. Angelica Tea is typically made by adding one cup of boiling water to one teaspoon of dried angelica roots and steeping the mix for at least 10 minutes. Some suggest drinking 1/3 cup of angelica tea 30 minutes before each meal.

All Herbs used are cultivated on our Farm as well as the fiber is provided by the peaceful Alpacas, Llamas & Angora Goats that share our lives with us here at the Farm

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