Fresh Natural Grown Thyme Powder 100 Capsule

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Fresh Natural Grown Thyme Powder 100 Capsule

It has been used as an herbal remedy against fungal infections like athletes foot and as a remedy for oral candida (thrush).

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It is also used to kill skin parasites such as crabs or head lice and internal parasites such as worms in the intestines.

Some clinical trials have been conducted and confirm the effectiveness of thyme in treating bronchitis.

Additionally it thought to be beneficial for coughs and sore throat related to colds and flu as well as whooping cough.

This is because the active constituents of thyme are known to loosen and expel mucous.

Traditionally thyme has been used to treat anemia, fever, intestinal problems and as an herbal remedy for halitosis. It is though to be good for colic, flatulence as well as an herbal hangover remedy.

Recent studies have also suggested that it may be helpful in the prevention of blood clots.

The essential oil of thyme is one of the most important oils in aromatherapy. It is used to boost the mind, spirit, and body.

Thyme is used in commercial toothpastes, mouthwashes and in a number of liniments and creams used in the topical treatment of arthritis, gout and rheumatism.

All Herbs used are cultivated on our Farm as well as the fiber is provided by the peaceful Alpacas, Llamas & Angora Goats that share our lives with us here at the Farm

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