Fresh Ready for your Oven Turkey

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Fresh Ready for your Oven Turkey

Reserve 2014 for your Family Holiday Meal average weight 23.4 lbs $86.00 We grow a limited number of birds, run out every year.

Sorry! This farm is sold out turkeys for the season.
Please look at the rest of our turkey selection!

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NOW Taking Reservations for 2014

Farm raised from beginning to end, no chemical or pesticide used here. We take our time grow them slow, Heritage breeds take a little longer to reach, there ideal table weight, but its worth it ! The taste is unbelievable. Then you add your own family recipe and of course love while cooking. Ask about our Smoked Turkeys.

If needed we would be glad to give you our recipes, look at the picture this is the bird we ate ourselves. It weighted 42 and 1/4 lbs it didn't need any decorations on the plate just it. This year same as last: reservations are required, let us know if your oven can handle a larger bird.

Prices have gone up slightly but we will stay the same for 2014 - $86.00 for average weight 21lbs to 23lbs. Large birds go fast and are priced 15.00 more. there weight starts at 28 lbs and can go to 44 lbs. There is just nothing like a extra large bird as the center piece. Please remember bigger bird means more leftovers also means longer cooking time. Please ask about having it smoked for your event or family gathering so tasty. Reserve early for the 2014 Holiday season we sold out in 9 days in 2012 and 11 days 2013. Do not wait until the last min this year, We raise a very small flock so that they may roam freely without over grazing the area .Thank you to all who purchased from us allowing us in some way to be a part of your Holiday

Thank you for your Trust and Business God Bless America

Grown pesticide and chemical free: Hog and Dogs Ranch is proud to say that from the start of digging the dirt, to picking the bugs off, to harvesting, each and every item you order is raised and handled by us, the owners - no middle men or women. We put our love in every bite you take, not just because we enjoy it but because we eat it also. We hope you enjoy your order.

Shipped orders go out every Monday and Wednesday through the growing season. Look forward to your order.