Freshly Ground Garlic Powder

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Freshly Ground Garlic Powder

Garlic Powder, made up of several hard and soft neck varieties, ground fresh to order and packaged in a resealable Mylar bag.

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Garlic is one of our best crops, and we grow several varieties, including Wild Garlic, Red Creole, Ajo Rojo, Filipino Garlic, and Wild Turkish Garlic. Our Garlic grows in stressful conditions- from freezing, bone-chilling desert nights to stifling, dry, desert heat. This type of stress pushes our Garlic to a different, more robust flavor.

We dehydrate and vacuum pack several pounds of Garlic into nuggets, and we grind these nuggets into fresh powder for Farmer's Markets and on-line orders. We grind only when we get orders for it- we never grind it and store it.

The taste of freshly ground Garlic Powder is unbelievable-totally different than any store bought powder. You would literally have to grow it yourself to get anything this fresh, this flavorful, this authentic. This is what is meant by the term" Freshly Ground Garlic Powder".

We package 1.5 ounces of our Freshly Ground Garlic Powder in a resealable Mylar bag, which resists both air and moisture. Thus, you can keep your Garlic Powder fresh for a much longer period of time than having it stored in a shaker jar.

If you have never had Freshly Ground Garlic Powder, we urge you to try it. We promise you, it will change your entire way of thinking about the term "Garlic Powder". You won't ever be satisfied by store bought again.

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