Frianeza Farmstead

We are a small family farm in Bellingham,WA. We sell pastured chickens/broilers few times a year. We have organic and free ranging layers that provide us with delicious organic eggs. We do not use pesticides. Around Thanksgiving Holiday, we offer free-range heritage turkeys that are fed with feeds containing 28% protein, no hormones, no antibitoics.

This year 2014, we are NOT selling Thanksgiving Turkeys. But we'll continue to have ORGANIC SOY-FREE EGGS for sale throughout summer and early fall.

Listing last updated on May 12, 2014

Hello-- please be advised that we are NOT selling Thanksgiving Turkeys for the 2014 Holiday Season. Please check us out again next year! Our farm still sells Organic Soy-Free Eggs. Let us know if you are interested. Please call first.

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We loved the two 9.5 lb turkeys we got for Thanksgiving. Great flavor and moistness, and the dark meat was so dark! Really authentic taste.

I received two dozen of your wonderful eggs yesterday. Today I had two of them for my breakfast. Wow, were they delicious! They certainly have more flavor and color than the kind you get at the supermarket! And, the shells are nice and firm.... [more]

I can't wait for next year.

I've worked as a chef and attended cooking school. This was the best turkey I've ever tasted. It had much more flavor and was more moist than any I've ever served.... [more]

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