Friends of Ryerson Woods

Created in 1982, Friends of Ryerson Woods works closely with the Lake County Forest Preserves to help protect this rare ecosystem for present and future generations. Friends of Ryerson Woods sponsors environmental education programs and projects to contribute to the resources at Ryerson Woods and inspire and inform people about the importance of our remaining natural areas.

Mission Friends of Ryerson Woods uses the unique setting of Ryerson Woods to catalyze people's understanding, life-long appreciation, and behavior in support of nature. Friends accomplishes its mission in partnership with the Lake County Forest Preserve District.

Listing last updated on Jun 16, 2009

Where does our food come from? It's a simple question with a surprisingly complicated answer. How does the current food delivery system operate in our region? What are the environmental, health and economic implications of that food system on our families, farmers and our land? What do we mean when we say "locally grown?" Why should we care?

These are central questions that Friends of Ryerson Woods is addressing in 2009 through a rich slate of Year of Locally Grown program offerings.

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Looking back at last spring compared to this spring is a reminder that you just never know what's ahead (not that I need reminding: half the time I don't know what's going on right now!). One year you're praying for rain, the next you're praying for it to stop! Farming is definitely a humbling experience and a great teacher of patience and gratitude.... [more]

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