Frozen Chicken

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Frozen Chicken

All natural, whole, frozen chicken. No antibiotics, hormones, or any other chemicals. Just good feed, grass, and sunshine!

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Naturally produced, pastured chickens. Free of hormones, antibiotics, or any other chemicals. Fed local, vegetarian feed. Grazed on pasture in small flocks maintained by my wife and me. Our chickens get no vaccinations, hormones, antibiotics, or any other chemicals of any kind! These birds live happy, healthy lives! Available as frozen whole birds, professionally processed, and ready to cook. Average frozen bird weighs 4-6 lbs. We price our birds at $4 a pound at the farm.

You may notice that it's packed in bags and paper. We don't use Styrofoam boxes because they are expensive, and an environmental nightmare. First I deep freeze the chicken to 40 below zero, them we pack them in plastic bags, and surround them with reused material. We then ship it 2 day USPS, and it's still nice and cold when you get it.