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Welcome to Full Circle Ranch! We raise delicious healthy Pastured Goat Meat, Chicken, Duck, Turkey and Free Range Eggs. Our methods are organic and humane. All the animals we raise are on natural pastures and have free access to vegetarian feed that contains NO antibiotics and NO animal by-products. They are moved to new fresh pasture on a regular basis and are housed in a way to promote their natural behaviors. They are not confined in a single crowded pen but roam across our acres, eating grasses, twigs and brambles, in the case of the goats, and the chickens, ducks and turkeys spend their days grazing on grass and clover, and chasing bugs and worms. The practice of moving all the animals across our land on a regular basis is good for the animals; it also helps protect our groundwater and is one of the many practices that have earned us MAEAP verification; recognition that we care for our animals and our environment. It is one more way for us to feel good about the food we raise, eat and sell. Our Pastured Chickens, Ducks and Turkeys are available July 4 through Thanksgiving, by order. All poultry are processed by a state licensed butcher and can be provided to you fresh or vacuum sealed & frozen. Delivery can be arranged in our surrounding area or you can pick up your order at our booth at the weekly South Lansing Farmer's Market. We are members of the Michigan Specialty Meats Co-op, a grower's group that offers Premium Pastured Goat Meat; USDA processed and sold in local retail markets. You can order the same high quality goat meat farm direct from us too and have it custom processed. Visitors are always welcome; just give us a call for a farm tour!


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Pastured Goat meat, Poultry and Free Range Eggs, all Antibiotic-Free and Humanely raised.

Schedule and Location:

South Lansing Farmer's Market, 1900 Boston Blvd., Lansing, MI 48910 Every Thursday 3-7pm.

Schedule and Location:

Eggs, Pastured Poultry and Custom processed goat meat can be ordered and picked up at the farm. We need a call in advance so we know when you are coming.

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The eggs are the best! I go to the Farmer's Market every week they are open to get my fresh eggs! The chicken is really good too!!! Karen and Manuel are very friendly.

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