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Funky Chicken Farm raises from day old, chicks, chickens, ducks, guineas, geese, quail, turkey poults to adult pastured raised free ranging hens that produce Farm Fresh Eggs. Please call and reserve eggs just to be sure we have them for you. Poultry available all the time, all ages from chicks to layers, for you to purchase and raise yourself. Check or call to get specifics on breed/type/age available. Tours held during the cooler months. Must rsvp prior to tour. $6 per person. Check website for more details. Bring box or pet carrier at pickup time. Fertile eggs available for school hatching programs. Currently we have farm raised rabbit. Vacuum sealed and frozen for your culinary delight. Sold by the pound at our farm stand or at the Brevard Co. Farmers Market Thursdays from 3-7pm Call Andrew at 321-505-4227

Suzanne is the veg gardener and has created a self-watering container she calls a Growbox. This design greatly reduces problems of growing veggies in difficult areas such as those lacking water or good soil, and its portable. Great for urban or apartment use. Growing veggies on Florida's sandbar is simply difficult since it does not hold much organic matter. Since using the Growbox she has had awesome results growing vegetables she has never had luck with growing in the ground. She sells Growboxes, a book on cd Growbox: Guide to Making Self-Watering Containers and hosts workshops on how to build them yourself. Worm Composting provides some of the best nutrients for the garden. At the Worm Composter Workshop, she teaches how to make your own worm composter, how to care for worms, we will harvest a pound worms, create bedding material, and how to use the worm tea and compost that will be created by the worms. You will go home with a completed worm composter with bedding material and a pound of worms!

Heirloom seeds are insurance for future food. Non-GMO, non-hybrid types are sold at the Funky Town Farm Stand on the property.

We love to talk about living sustainably in Florida, what you are doing, sharing, trading, worm composting, community, wild fermentation, wine making, mead making, eggs, tie dye, bees, local sources for food, markets, growing your own food, permaculture, living green. The number of backyards that have converted to producing food on the sandbar has happily and enthusiastically expanded. We can show you too! See our website for more details


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Growbox Workshop Saturdays or Sundays at 10am. Worm Composting Workshop, Saturday at noon or Sunday at noon. Call Suzanne to schedule workshops or tours Eggs available $4 per dozen. Poultry: call Andrew for whats available. Funky Town Farm Stand now open offering farm fresh rabbit frozen and vac sealed Heirloom Seed, Local Honey, Soap, Balm, Tie Dye Zone 9 Central Florida Seed Planting Chart for veggies and flowers See you at the Brevard County Farmers Market on Thursdays from 3-7pm

Schedule and Location:

Brevard County Farmers Market
Thursdays from 3-7pm
Under pavillion or on grounds just south of BCC.
Come on out and meet your local producers. Lots of family fun.

Schedule and Location:

Funky Town Farm Stand OPEN General hours are 10am to 6pm, however, we do have to leave the farm on occaision. PLease always Call before coming. Located at 3510 Hield Rd. Melbourne, Fla
Andrew at 321-505-4227 Poultry, eggs, rabbits, etc.
Suzanne at 321-505-4066 Gardening, worms, etc.

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I went to this farm & bought 3 chicks 4-6 weeks old. The farm was filthy. The chicks were in a small cage, 2 feet by 18 inches or so located on dirt. There were about 30 or so chicks in that one cage.... [more]

I just made a phone call to Andrew to inquire about buying a duck or 2...or 4. I do not know much about ducks but I do know that there are only a handful of farms in the area where I can go to purchase one.... [more]

Most of the animals are kept in very small cages with water that appears to not have been changed in weeks. The conditions are poor and their farm is full of unorganized trash They buy their eggs from some hatchery in Texas which proves you don't really know where your chickens are coming from.... [more]

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