Fuyu Persimmon

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Fuyu Persimmon

A delicious, slightly sweet, firm fruit. Not astringent tasting like regular persimmons.

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 12 Fuyus$34.00

Season: Oct-Dec 

 6 Fuyus$22.00

Season: Oct-Dec 

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The Fuyu Persimmon is a fruit China and Japan have shared with us. It has a delicious unique, light, taste... and not astringent like regular persimmons. Fuyus are eaten fresh, dried, raw or cooked. When eating fresh, you can peel the skin and quarter the fruit before eating or eat just like an apple. Ready to eat when delivered or wait until they get soft and the color deepens for more sweetness.

All fruits & vegetables are naturally grown using organic fertilizing techniques, rain water from the mountains and old fashioned farm labor. All produce is NON GMO.

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