Gaia's Cold Sore/Blister Allies (Salve)

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Gaia's Cold Sore/Blister Allies (Salve)

Ingredients: Lemon Balm, Lavender, Burdock Leaves, St. John's Wort , Black Walnut infused oils, Vit E, beeswax

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A gentle soother and effective treatment for all cold sore and fever blisters. Apply this balm topically, using it with our Cold Sore Relief Tincture, at the first sign of a blister, for best results. Continue to apply, continually keeping the area moist, until healed.

These earth allies (herbs) are also incredible workers against fungal infections, such as Tinea capitis (ringworm).

All ingredients are harvested individually, on our farm, and sit for one year in an oil base before being extracted to come together for the final product. We add a touch of Vitamin E for cell regeneration and a natural preservative.

All of the herbs that we use, sit in their menstrum (ie: alcohol for tinctures, oil for salves, glyceric, honey etc) for one year to allow all 4 seasons to be infused into the medicine before final preparation. All final products are blessed by the moon and smudged before delivery. We take the time and care to make sure that your medicine and product is of the finest quality and made with love and respect, from our hearts to yours. We are committed to our customers and that you receive all items you requested at an adequate given time. Please feel free to connect with us regarding concerns or feedback. We care about you!

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