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Galloping Winds Ranch is nestled on the fringe of the Texas Hill Country. We are a small, family run operation. Our primary focus is quality livestock - specializing in Scottish Highland cattle, Nubian and Saanen dairy goats, and Great Pyrenees dogs. We also share our ranch with a variety of fowl, including chickens, guineas, ducks, and turkeys. We currently offer quality livestock and farm fresh eggs; our future plans include goat milk products and garden produce.

Here is a little information about our livestock...

Scottish Highland cattle are an age old gentle natured, hardy breed of cattle. They are a dual purpose breed; while kept primarily for their high quality beef production, they also have the ability to serve as a milker producing very rich milk. Highlands are slow maturing which results in the meat being fine textured and succulent. Because Highland beef is such high quality, success is being seen with crossbreeding Highlands with Angus and other breeds to increase the quality of other breeds' meat production.

We keep a small fold (herd) of purebred Scottish Highland cattle and have high quality calves available each year. Our herd includes black, silver dunn, red and white cattle allowing for a potential color variety in offspring. All of our cattle are classified as miniatures, most are under 41".

We have a select herd of Nubian dairy goats from proven milking lines. In addition to milk production and conformation, we breed for flashy colors and spots! Kids are generally available in the Spring. Reservations are accepted as soon as kids arrive. Please visit our website to see pictures and information about our breeding herd and any new arrivals.

In 2012, we added a small herd of high-production Saanen dairy goats to our ranch. Starting in Spring 2014, the Saanen herd will contribute to our raw milk supply and goat milk products. Contact us for more information about our Saanen herd and the limited offspring available.

Great Pyrenees are well respected protectors of livestock and family; a known working breed. We offer quality, non-registered pups for sale periodically both to working homes and as pets.


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We are breeders of Scottish Highland cattle, Nubian and Saanen dairy goats, and Great Pyrenees dogs. We also raise chickens and have farm fresh eggs for sale. We offer quality livestock and some farm produce for sale.

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