We are a growing family farm, with growing interests. We are raising dorper sheep, suffolk sheep, finn sheep, and crossbreeds of those sheep for large meaty lambs. We also have a herd of dairy goats, providing milk and cheese for the house as well as for any orphan lambs.

We started as a hay farm, producing quality hay for sale. Our hay is the foundation to our happy, healthy livestock.

We ocasionally have dairy goats for sale; doelings, bred does, just freshened does, as well as does of several years of age that are proven milkers with records. Call for pricing and availability.

Our lambs put out superb carcass and make excellent show lambs or club lambs for kids in 4-H.

Our sheep can breed out of season, which means they can lamb during all months of the year, which means that we can supply fresh, market ready lamb any time of the year.

Lambs are raised on pasture, with free choice water, minerals, and hay.

If you want a milk fed lamb of any size, call to make arrangements; we can offer additional milk in a creep-feeder set up. This result in meat of exeptional quality and tenderness - for a premium price.

Lambs are for sale at $2.00/lb live weight at harvest time. (expect to spend around $300 or more)

1/2 lamb orders are also available


Listing last updated on Feb 20, 2013

Lambs for sale

$2.00 / lb live weight.

selling "whole lambs" and "half lambs"

call to reserve yours today!

(906) 644-0005

Lamb for sale:

whole lambs and half lambs available.

$2.00 / lb live weight.

after you pay the butchering fee (about $80) and pay us for your lamb (usually $300 or more), you will bring home some tasty lamb meat for less than $10 / lb! try to find that in a grocery store!

call to reserve yours today
(906) 644-0005

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