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Delight your senses with fresh produce--right from your backyard. Garden Delights specializes in growing heirloom vegetable plants--those funky, delicious tomatoes your grandma grew, those fiery peppers passed down through generations!

We offer more than 160 heirloom tomato plant varieties, 40+ varieties of heirloom sweet and hot peppers, and numerous herbs and heirloom flowers. Many of our plants are listed in the Slow Foods Ark of Taste--delicious veggies rated for their taste by experts who hope to keep them from extinction.

All of our plants are sustainably grown, using only organic components and non-GMO seeds. Your plants are grown in OMRI approved Dot Pots. Simply tear off the top lip of the pot and transplant the entire pot into your garden or container, reducing transplant shock. All packaging is also designed to minimize our impact on the environment. Visit to order your delights today!

Listing last updated on Apr 21, 2011

Delight your senses with fresh produce from your backyard! Garden Delights specializes in growing heirloom tomato, pepper, and herb plants--delicious, interesting varieties that will delight your taste buds. All of our plants are naturally, sustainably grown by hand--and arrive ready for your garden! With more than 160 varieties of tomatoes and 40+ varieties of sweet and hot peppers, plus herbs and flowers, we're sure you can find something delicious to delight your palate!

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