Garden Destination

We are a Certified Organic family owned farm located along the Badger Creek Watershed of Northern Madison County. Our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program nurtures a partnership between you and our farm. This mutually beneficial relationship between the growing and consumption of our food reinforces the importance of healthy eating, whole foods and sustainable growing practices. Our commitment is to growing the most exceptional high quality organic vegetables and herbs the earth is able to offer and providing a bountiful portion to you during the peak of the growing season.

Certified Organic for us, does not mean simply refraining from the use of pesticides or synthetic chemicals. It is a commitment to a sound, sustainable and healthy approach to our soil and the way we grow plants and our food. Our soil is fed and enriched continually. We view our farm and our soil as living organisms to care for and nourish.

Registration is now open for 2013 Shares.

Listing last updated on Sep 20, 2013

Know your Food! Know your Farmer!

We, the Farmers at Garden Destination, invite you to Join our Farm and Connect with the Land and the People who Grow Your Food...Fresh, Healthy, Organic and Locally Grown.

CSA shares for 2013 are now available. 2012 shares sold out within 1 week.

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I've been to Garden Destination many times and have enjoyed myself and learned so much from Rick and Donna. You can tell that they love their land and what they do there. The produce tastes amazing.

we participated in this CSA in 2012 and we received outstanding produce it had been cleaned and bagged and was beautiful. The flavor was incredible, you could taste the nutrients and the freshness in the food.... [more]

Garden Destination has some of the most flavorful produce my family and I have ever tasted. The produce is so yummy that we eat most of it raw or with little or no seasonings.... [more]

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