Garden Insects DVD

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Garden Insects DVD

On Sale! Save $5 'Garden Insects' DVD: fascinating facts about insects with original music and brilliant close-up photography.

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51 minutes

'Garden Insects' * Premiered nationally on PBS July 8th, 2007 * Selected to be part of "The Mosaic of Life," a biodiversity exhibition that will open at the Kentucky State Fair and tour throughout the Jefferson County School District * Selected to be screened at Berheim Forrest's annual Bug Fest * Featured on the cover of KET's Visions magazine and in the Louisville Courier Journal * Winner at the EarthVision International Film Festival, Santa Cruz, CA

What's all the buzz? With the popularity of organic gardening, 'green living', and growing concerns about environmental crisis and climate change, this film is right on time. Chris Korrow's 'Garden Insects' combines fascinating facts about insects with brilliant music and close-up photography. The film's message: We are not as separate from nature as we might think.

Having taught gardening classes for over 14 years, Korrow reveals that he was inspired to make this film when he realized how little the majority of gardeners know about the subject of insects, and that many have a strong desire to understand it better.

The film profiles insects in 12 categories: ants, aphids, bees & wasps, true bugs, spiders, preying mantis, beetles, moths & butterflies, flies, and grasshoppers offering practical information about insect life cycles set amidst an artistic back drop of colorful flora and fauna of the garden.

The documentary was filmed almost entirely on Korrow's farm!

Praise for Chris Korrow's film, "Garden Insects"! "Children are fascinated by'Garden Insects." -Judith Egerton, columnist, Louisville Courier-Journal

About Chris Korrow's film,"Dancing With Thoreau"! Climate scientists tell us we might be heading toward irreversible climate change, and so many of us do our best to "go green." Through this film, we articulate a different kind of environmental activism, one where we are optimized through our encounters with nature and our lives become more compassionate, successful, balanced, and interesting as a result. Gardening is one of the best ways we can each experience nature in our own backyards!

Dancing With Thoreau--the new film now on DVD!