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My gardening experience started when I followed my grandfather around his small farm in Wakefield. After my husband and I bought our home over 30 years ago, we started a small backyard veggie garden and I planted a few annuals in our front yard. Since then, the veggie garden has gotten a whole lot bigger, I added herbs, lots of perennials and a small pond. Everything in my gardens are grown organically. I belong to 2 local garden clubs, an historical house board, and have presented at many local and other garden clubs and social groups in the area as well as the NE Spring Flower Show. I also have many varieties of tropical house plants and raise Pelargoniums (scented geraniums). I actually am a "hobby" gardener (I am a teacher full-time) and only charge a small fee for presentations and plants that I sell to cover my costs. I do sell perennials, herbs and tropicals (mostly perennials that are all grown in my gardens). I am only open mostly by appointment and a couple of Saturdays in the spring.

I also do garden consultations and teach gardening classes by groups in my backyard. Let me know if you would like to set up either a consultation or a class. Classes can be a group of 2-6 people. I charge reasonable rates and have also taught for Wakefield Adult Education and the NE Spring Flower Show for Mass Horticulture Society. I am a certified teacher with a Masters in Education.


Listing last updated on Feb 20, 2012

I start to sell perennials/herbs in April when plants start to emerge and I am open by appointment nights and Sat/Sun days - April to October.

There is a plant list on my web page and sometimes I have a few others not listed. My plants are very different, I have lots of heirloom varieties and reseeders you can't purchase at a nursery. I will have a couple of garden open houses in the spring and early summer and will post those dates on my web page. Seeds are available for some plants in fall.

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