Garlic Maine Sea Salt

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Garlic Maine Sea Salt

Freshly ground garlic combined with natural maine sea salt. Ideal for adding flavor to pasta dishes, vegetables, and on bread.

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We dehydrate fresh garlic at our facility and blend it with our Natural Maine Sea Salt.

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At Maine Sea Salt Company, we believe that the cool, mineral-rich saline waters of the Gulf of Maine provide our sea salt with its unique flavor. As the first salt works in Maine in over 200 years, our company brings forward the tradition of harvesting pure and natural sea salt, direct from the ocean. We make our sea salt naturally in solar green houses and shallow pools.

Our salt is unrefined. We do not wash or bleach our salt during the solar production process. Therefore, the nutritious trace minerals naturally occurring in sea water are retained in our products. We do not use chemicals, drying agents, artificial flavorings, or colorings.

OUR SEASONED SALTS: Garlic, Lemon, Herbed, Peppered, and Dulse Seaweed.

OUR SMOKED SALTS: Apple and Hickory

Maine Sea Salt is the registered trademark of Maine Sea Salt Company.