Garlic scapes (3-4 lbs)

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Garlic scapes (3-4 lbs)

The seed forming shoot of Hardneck garlic. Excellent garlic taste without the peeling.

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 Garlic Scapes$20.00

Season: Jun-Aug 

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Scapes are the above ground seed delivering mechanism for ophio (hardneck) garlics. Softneck varieties have lost this mechanism due to the fact that they have been under cultivation for much longer and have lost their ability to produce seed above ground. It is scary to think we may be responsible someday for hardnecks to lose this ability also! Nonetheless, we cut them off in order to force the plant to focus on putting its energy into producing a large bulb underground. But, the by product is amazing.

Pestos abound in July in our kitchen, and we chop em' up and put them in everything. They store excellent and can even be frozen. Seeing as it may be an extinct food some eons away, you better get them while they are here. We pack a medium flat rate box full (usually weighing 3-4 lbs). If you see white on them, not to worry it is just dried garlic juice.

Our happy little ranch uses all aspect of organic and biodynamic farming practices to achieve the highest quality food, or medicine, as we like to think of our garlic as. Grown with love and attention, whether planting or eating, the care we take will shine through. Enjoy!

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