Geier Krauts, LLC

Geier Krauts, LLC is a farm-based business in Franklin County. We grow vegetables organically and use traditional lacto-fermentation to create raw, reridgerated sauerkraut, pickles, and cortido for commercial sales. We also buy vegetables from farming friends who grow organically.

Our farm is a bit over 4 acres of rented bottomland on the Elkhorn River in northern Franklin County. We are managing it as "transitional---to certified organic", meaning that we use no prohibited substances on the farm, and are waiting for the 3-year window to pass so the land can be called clean and ready for organic production.

In 2010, our spring crop of cabbage will be the last transitional crop, and our spring batch of kraut will be the last non-certified product! By summer, if all goes as planned, we will have certified organic sour pickles (salt-brined). Then, in late fall, certified organic "cortido", a fermented mix of cabbage, carrot, onion, hot pepper and wild bergamot.

As a business, we hope to grow alongside the creation of new farms and farmers. We are seeking to establish relationships with new, organically growing farmers and welcome discussions with interested growers. The products are produced in a University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension kitchen in Bath County.


Listing last updated on Feb 12, 2010

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