The Generous Garden Project is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization growing fresh produce to provide a healthy alternative to boxed and canned foods for people who are in need. We also provide hands-on training to those who want to learn how to garden and provide technical assistance to others who would like to start their own garden in their community. We use organic growing techniques such as: Composting, Vermaculture, Companion Planting, Chickens, Bee Keeping and Aquaponics.

We believe everyone deserves access to fresh produce, no matter their social standing. Growing sustainable, healthy, great tasting fresh produce is what we strive for. We do not use any man-made, synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, chemicals or pesticides on our plants. We believe this system is much healthier for the human body than man-made poisons.

Growing healthy great tasting food is what we strive to accomplish. We use organic methods to grow our produce. There are many other advantages to growing using organic methods, including better soil quality, less chemicals released into the environment and better flavor. Currently we are not organic certified nor is it a priority at this time. We'd rather spend our time making a difference, learning better techniques and growing as many fresh vegetables and fruits as possible, than filling out lots of paperwork and paying the cost to become Certified Organic.


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For most, hunger is a mild, temporary feeling that comes between meals. But for some it's a struggle for survival and health. That is where we come in. We are working to fight hunger in a slightly different way by growing and harvesting fresh produce and giving it to local ministries and food pantries. Whenever possible, we combine a unique blend of state of the art technologies and approaches in our organic farming techniques.The collective effort is called The Generous Garden Project

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