Genesis Generation Farm is a small family owned and operated farm that offers grass fed Jumbo Broilers that enjoy the freedom of ranging on bugs and grasses on a Chemical, pesticide, herbicide free pasture, and a supplement of GMO free grain ration during the day. They return to open air hoop houses at night for protection from predators. (Unlike commercially grown grocery store chicken, which is crowded by the thousands in windowless sheds, never seeing daylight.)

Our customers enjoy tasty tender chicken that dress out from 4-6 pounds. Cost per chicken $3.00 a pound includes processing. A deposit of $2.50 a chicken required. Chickens will be available from July-October, Advanced orders appreciated.

Also available are the finest tasting chicken eggs from happy healthy hens. They too are cage free and enjoy being outdoors everyday feasting on bugs. berries and grasses as well as a GMO free grain ration. Eggs are available most days but call ahead because they go fast! Medium to Jumbo eggs starting at $1.75 a dozen.

Although we are not Certified Organic we do practice self sustaining natural farming techniques.

We Now offer Highland Naturals Feed for Chickens and Goats, Contact us for details and current prices,


Listing last updated on Sep 26, 2011

As of today 9-25-11 we no longer have eggs available.We are moving to Rhinelander as my wife has taken a full time job at Crescent Lake Bible Camp.We are planning on staying with Local Harvest and would like to start a hobby farm as we had so much fun with the two years we did in Adams.We thank everyone who looked at our listing and will keep you informed and updated when we are up and running thank you and may God bless you

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When our own chickens stopped laying this winter, we started buying eggs from Genesis Generation Farm. They were large and had bright orange yokes, exactly what we were looking for! We also have tried their natural raised broilers.... [more]

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