We are a small family farm on our small 1.5 acres. We have an established garden and have been gardening for over 7 years. We grow a large variety of organic and heirloom seeds. We do not contaminate our land with GMO seeds and try to use heirloom seeds only but do use organic seeds as well. Our farming practices are similar to biodynamic.

Listing last updated on Mar 10, 2011

Heirloom tomatoes Summer squash Herbs Winter Squash & pumpkins Green beans Peas Carrots Beets Spinach varieties Lettuces Onions Radishes Cucumbers Eggplant rat tail radishes oriental style greens (bok choy, pak choy) specialy greens (Mustards, chard, kales) Ground cherries sun berries capegoose berries Fennel All natural & Heirloom.

Schedule and Location:

Available @ Farmer's Gate Market
Leeds Junction rd
Wales, Me

Saturdays 9am - Noon

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I got some spinach from the Gentry Farm and it was the best I have ever tasted. I live in Texas and have never tasted it that good in the south.

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