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PASTURED POULTRY: We raise our poultry on PASTURE. This means fresh GREEN grass not just free-range or organic, which are marketing words that have broad definitions. The poultry products we raise are of highest quality. We produce nutrient dense, flavorful meat from our farm to your table. Summer 2012 orders being taken now: June, July, August pick-up. Limited number or chickens avaiable for each pick-up, so don't hesitate to contact us for more information today.

PORK is naturally raised. We don't feed any animal biproducts, antibiotics or hormones. The pigs are raised outside on green pasture where they can live free active lives. This combined with high quality grain grown on farm and local mill, makes an exceptional product. Contact us today and find out what you have been missing. We sell pork directly off our farm out of our freezer for small quantity orders, or take orders for half and whole animals. Pease call asap to reserve your fall pig, or call anytime to get pork out of our freezer.

BEEF- we have limited beef. Our steers are raised outside in the summer on lush green pastures and feed suplimental barley mash from a local buffalo brewery. This makes are great flavored beef that was humainly raised. This is as organic as you can get without being certified. Call asap to order a half or whole steer for this fall 2012. Supplies are very limited so call today!

EGGS- are avaiable at the farm everyday for $3 a dozen. Hens have access to outside pasture in the summer, and live in a spacious coop in our barn in the winter and bedded with hay and straw so they live the most comfortable lives possible. Local sourced grain free from antibiotics, animal biproducts.

TURKEYS- We are taking orders for this thanksgivings turkey. Our turkey is grown outside on pasture and is free from anibiotics and hormones. Pease order asap to reserve your 2012 turkey!!

Cow share program: Please conact us with additional information about local real milk.

In addition to selling direct to prople we are interested in selling to a restaurant or small stores that want natural meat products or eggs.

If there is any other way to get our product out there let us know.

We will work with you to help you enjoy our products and get away from all of the preservatives and problems with the meat industry today.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions and order anytime!!


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Do you know where your food comes from? On our farm we know exactly where our food comes from. All of our products are raised on this farm, with attention to detail, in the most environmentally and healthy way. Please contact us for more information about our products and how they can benefit you! Healthy living starts with healthy food.

Season:  January through January

Type:  single farm

Since:  2003

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Work Req?  No

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Our farm is open everyday with an appointment. Please give us a call and come on by.

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