produces Pure Georgia Honey,Sourwood Honey,BeePollen,Pure Bees Wax, beeswax candles,Propolis,Beehive sales, 5 frame nucs . I also have beekeeping supplies and equipment for sale to beekeepers. Bee hives, nucs and queens in Spring. Some of the pure honey varieties include local wildflower, kudzu, blackberry, local dark, local light, gallberry, cotton, orange blossom, and Honey with/comb , called chunk honey.

Mailorder or retail store open Fri,Sat,Sun 9-6

5 gallon buckets honey available for pickup only, NO Shipping/60 lbs

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Pure Georgia Honey: Sourwood Wildflower - Gallberry - Dark - Orange Blossom - Kudzu - Cotton -

Bee Pollen - Bees Wax - Beeswax Candles - Propolis - Cane Syrup- Fruit & Nut Syrups - Jellies& Jams

Beekeeping Supplies - Bee Hive Sales -

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Always OPEN Fri,Sat,Sun 9-6
Other weekdays vary/call first 478-452-2337
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This past spring I purchased 5 varieties of honey (cotton, watermelon, sourwood, tupelo, and dark blend) from for a honey tasting.

I was extremely pleased with the results.... [more]

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