Giant White Habanero 10+ Seeds

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Giant White Habanero 10+ Seeds

The rare Giant White Habanero is very tasty but packs a good amount of heat. Peppers are large and ripen to a creamy white color.

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(Capsicum chinense)

Giant White Habanero-(Capsicum chinense)-This pepper was originally obtained by a renowned chile farmer from Italy named Luigi Mauriello. The Habanero White Giant or Giant White Habanero is a variety that he obtained from an Italian trader 20 years ago (1992-1993), this variety comes from an unknown area of the Caribbean. The trader has no more of this variety because he has failed to regenerate the seeds, so now Luigi possesses the true original variety. Luigi distributed the seeds of this variety all over the world, but few people have managed to cultivate it, because it is not easy to grow. A few people have renamed it the White 7 Pot or 7 Pod White. When you cut open this pepper it does not have the thick membrane of a 7 pot or superhot chile. So being part of the Trinidad 7 Pot family is not possible. The Giant White Habanero has nice citrus tones and is very tasty. Pods can get huge almost 2 inches in diameter.


Other Names:White Giant Habanero
Flowers:Giant White Habanero has white flowers
Fruit:Giant White Habanero has creamy white color
Lifecycle:2    (0: N/A, 1: annual, 2: perennial, 3: biennial)
Height:The Giant White habanero can grow over 4 feet tall
Diameter:The Giant White Habanero has a 3 foot diameter spread
Container Planting:yes

Cultural Requirements:

Soil:Well drained soil
Spacing:2 feet
Sun:partial to full sun
Water:as needed

I try to grow all plants organically or hydroponically whenever possible. I do not use chemical pesticides and prefer organic pest control and the use of predatory insects.

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