Gift Bag Organic Gourmet Kiawe Hawaiian Honey

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Gift Bag Organic Gourmet Kiawe Hawaiian Honey

A Real Sweet Gift: Gourmet Organic Kiawe Honey from Hawaii is now available in an attractive woven "bee" gift bag.

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 Gourmet Kiawe Gift Bag$42.95

Season: May-Nov 

from: Molokai Meli

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A honey lover's delight! This is the perfect gift for your bee-loving friends. Our wonderful Gourmet Kiawe honey is now packaged in an extraordinary way. This delightful woven gift bag is imprinted with honeybees and holds two 6.25 ounce jars of honey.

Gourmet Kiawe honey is harvested by hand from kiawe forests on the remote Hawaiian island of Molokai. The colonies that produced this honey were hand gathered from the wild on this beautiful island to preserve the integrity of the apiary. The hives are taken from the wild and transported to kiawe forests. Here the bees produce the highly prized light and sweet kiawe honey that has been sought after by locals and tourists alike.

Our process is totally natural to provide you with "fresh from the hive" goodness. Our honey is processed by hand without the use of heat--it's all raw. It is allowed to drip through a strainer to remove wax particles and then bottled just as it comes from the hive, with enzymes and pollen intact.

What a great gift idea: you can eat this gift and keep it too! The honey may disappear, but the gift bag can be used over and over again!

Please note that the photo shows the actual gift bag with different jars of honey. This gift bag comes with two 6.25 ounce jars of Gourmet Kiawe Honey certfied organic by Hawaii Organic Farmers Association. (Two of the jars shown on the bottom of the photo.)

Premium Silky Kiawe Honey is now available! This is a mouth-watering delight like you've never experienced. Premium Silky is like our famous gourmet kiawe honey in a smooth silky consistency that melts in your mouth. The special aging process and clear honey produce a white honey that is quite rare in color, consistency, and flavor.

We're all about local organic honey, raw and unfiltered. There is currently a shortage on Kiawe honey, so get yours while supplies last!