Glean Acres

Glean Acres, LLC, is a small farm in beautiful Madison County, Virginia, run by a husband and wife team, with the occasional help of our friends and neighbors. Here, we grow food, faith, and the good life! We offer:

[i]Pastured, free-range, Non-GMO, antibiotic-free, farm-processed, chicken [i]An enormous variety of fresh vegetables and salad makings [i]Seasonable small fruits, some foraged from the wild!

We practice safe farming, which means you won't find synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or GMOs here.

We take care of our soil with cover crops and lots of compost. Our chickens leave us a great supply of nitrogen and other elements. We mulch a lot, and weed by hand and hoe (and the occasional tractor cultivator when a friend helps out!) We plant flowers and crops to attract and support beneficial insects, including honey bees and other pollinators. Soaker and drip hoses keep the water close to the soil, where it is needed. Crop rotation and minimum tillage help keep our soil healthy. If we have a particularly rough insect or disease problem, we deal with it using only organically-approved solutions.

Safe farming is labor intensive, but we take our jobs as stewards of the land seriously. We consider it our responsibility and our honor to provide our customers with only the freshest, tastiest, safest, most nutritious food possible.

About our Chickens:

Our chickens are raised with care in the "Day Range" system. This means that after spending 2-4 weeks in the brooder house, depending on the weather, they are moved outdoors where they have room to roam on fresh pasture within a protected, fenced area, and have access to protection in a moveable shelter for shade and safety. This way, they can lead the life of healthy, happy chickens: they scratch and peck for grass, grubs, and grit. They help fertilize land that will later be used for our gardens. Pastured chicken is higher in OMEGA 3 fats - that's the good kind - as well as CLA, vitamin E, and beta carotene.

We raise "Freedom Rangers", a type of chicken introduced into the U.S. shortly after 9/11 (hence the name). They hatch on a Mennonite family farm in Pennsylvania. The genetic stock is derived from the heritage breeds in both America and Europe, and meets the highest standards of the French Label Rouge Free Range program. We like them because they are more like traditionally-raised farm chickens: active, alert, and (after cooking) succulent! Aficionados appreciate the firmer texture and "chickenier" flavor!

As animal lovers,we do our best to provide a happy and safe environment for our birds while they are alive, and seek to minimize their stress and suffering.

You can find us at the Madison Farmer's Market on Saturdays, 8am - 12 noon, May - October. You can also call or email us to place an order or arrange to visit or purchase from the farm directly. Our chicken CSA offers substantial savings to members.

About our produce: We grow the types and varieties of vegetables we like to eat; types that are full of flavor with the textures that make for satisfying eating. We emphasize heirloom and open-pollinated varieties~NO GMOs.

We grow small batches of a wide variety of crops, so we can tend to each plant ourselves. We make sure to pick at the peak of ripeness, at the last possible moment before bringing it to market. This superior freshness not only ensures great flavor, but delivers the optimum levels of nutrients.


Listing last updated on Mar 25, 2014

Free range, pastured poultry. "Freedom Rangers" raised with care in small flocks on fresh pasture by dedicated husband-wife team. NO GMOS. Old-fashioned chickens that taste like chicken should!

Fresh, seasonal produce, heirloom and organic varieties. Specialty Egyptian varieties.

Come visit us, and our chickens! We're right off of Hwy 29 near the Madison/Culpeper border.

Season:  May through November

Type:  single farm

Since:  2011

# of Shares:  30

Full Share:  $175.00 for 10 chickens. Pick up between May and November.

Work Req?  No

Schedule and Location:

Madison County Farmer's Market
Saturdays, 8am to 12noon
Hoover Ridge Park, on Fairgrounds Road (off Hwy 29 in Madison)

Schedule and Location:

If you can't get to the Madison Farmer's Market, you are always welcome to come to the farm. We will likely have frozen chicken available, maybe fresh, and from our gardens, we can pick what's ripe for you on the spot! Best to call first. We occasionally have a farm stand on Sundays.

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