Gleeka cake/brownie, frosting and waffles are gluten-free, low-glycemic, eco-friendly, earth sustainable, kind to the body and are allergy-free.

Because we use organic ingredients and never use artificial sweeteners our products are healthy and safe for diabetics, celiacs, autism diet, candida diet, anti-fungal diet, anti-bacterial diet, vegans, vegetarians, food allergy sufferers, those who simply want to stay healthy or lose weight.

Who ever thought that a dessert could be anti-aging! Because our products don't have sugar or wheat and have sweet potato, they are actually anti-aging to the body. Our coconut nectar is also good for your teeth and bones.

Now eating cake, brownies and waffles can actually improve your health and satisfy everyone's sweet-tooth.

Currently we are offering our organic products at the Local Artisans Markets, Fridays 3-7pm La Cumbre Plaza, Santa Barbara, CA and Saturdays 1-5pm Happy Harry's Produce Goleta, CA. You can always order online at

When you buy our products, you are supporting:

The Preservation of our Planet Organic Farming The Slow Food Movement Local Harvesting Sustainable Food Manufacturing The Clean Food Movement Natural Seasonal Agriculture The Childhood Obesity Campaign Eating for Health


Listing last updated on Dec 6, 2013

Products: Chocolate Paleo Cake, Chocolate Frosting, Chocolate Brownies, Sweet Potato Waffles, Chocolate Waffles...

New Product: Organic All-Natural Toothpaste without fluoride, surfactants, chemicals or artificial sweeteners. So gentle you can use it every day because there are no abrasives like salt and baking soda.

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Gleeka's baking mix are amazing! Can't believe a cake with an awesome taste can cater to the vegan and gluten free patrons. Thank You for an outstanding products !!!

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