Glover Eggs

We are a small farm slowly expanding our bird stock. Currently we raise day range poultry. Day range birds are allowed out to roam and eat whatever they wish during the day and are put up in shelters and runs at night.

In an effort to raise awareness for heritage livestock breeds, we try to use "non-industrial" breeds whenever possible.

Eggs and birds are available year round. Chicks and ducklings usually available.

Vistors are welcome though we ask that you call first.

If you want fresh eggs, call us. We offer chicken and duck eggs all year as well as turkey and goose eggs when in season.

Listing last updated on Jun 28, 2007

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Schedule and Location:

Edgewood Farmers' Market
Every Monday from 3pm to 7pm

Corrales Growers' Market
Every Sunday from 9am to noon

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I decided I wanted to keep some hens in my backyard for eggs, and found Glover Eggs on the internet. Ken was really helpful as I got my coop set up and ready for birds, answering even my silly questions, and when it came time to get my chickens, he had lots of good looking birds to choose from and several different breeds.... [more]

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