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We have recently moved and are still in the process of building fences for our pastures for the pigs. We do however still have free range chicken eggs. The Glover Homestead is a small family operated farm with pasture raised pork, free range chickens and eggs, free range turkeys, free range rabbits and a portable sawmill. We also raise a couple Angus or Limousin steers every year. NO Hormones, NO antibiotics, NO steroids in any of our animals.

The farm was started because we wanted to eat better. The taste was so much better we started offering our delicious bounty to friends and family and it grew!!! And it is still growing.

  • Fresh Pork. We raise small sets of pigs several times a year. They are pasture raised and supplemented with high quality feed. If you would like to reserve a pig or a half a pig, please contact us. We will get you on the list.
  • Fresh Beef. We will raise a cow for you. If a whole cow is too much for you, go together with friends and family. We do not raise extras, so contact us so we can find a the right young calf to raise up to be just perfect for you!! Payment plans are available for both Beef and Pigs.
  • We have just added free range chickens to the farm. Getting free range eggs was getting harder and harder, so we added White Leghorns for white eggs, Tetra Tints for brown eggs and our newest addition Araucana chickens for green and blue eggs.
  • Contact us for a rich full flavor you will never find in a supermarket!!

  • We also own and operate a portable sawmill. We cater to the small projects that no one else wants to bother with. The home owner with several logs that he would like to have made into lumber, to the Wood Worker/Artist who found an interesting chunk of wood and would like to use it in a project. No job is too small. Usually available daily. Just give us a call.
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    Visit The Glover Homestead to find out what you didn't even know you were missing on your dinner plate!

    pssst........Pork isn't a white meat!!!!!

    Schedule and Location:

    Witschey's Grocery- Middlebourne and New Martinsville, Daily.

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    We have had nothing but great tasting pork, rabbit and chicken from this farm. Much work is put into the raising of the animals in an organic manner.

    Shope here.

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